Dean Stockwell in 'Dune'
Dean Stockwell (1936 - )
Son of Harry Stockwell and Nina Olivette
Brother of
Guy Stockwell
Millie Perkins
The Dunwich Horror (1970) [Wilbur Whateley]: Burned to death after Ed Begley recites an incantation to destroy both Dean and the creature.

Columbo: The Most Crucial Game (1972) [Eric Wagner]: Drowned in his swimming pool after Robert Culp knocks him unconscious with a block of ice, making it look as though Dean hit his head in the pool.

The Werewolf of Washington (1973) [Jack Whittier]: Shot in the chest with a silver bullet by Jane House while he's in his werewolf form; he changes back to his human form as he dies. (Thanks to Kyle)

Dune (1984) [Dr. Wellington Yueh]: Stabbed in the back by Brad Dourif while Dean is talking to Kenneth McMillan.

Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) [Charles 'Chip' Cain]: Shot in the head by Brigitte Nielsen when she double-crosses him during a racetrack robbery.
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