Dean Cain in 'Out of Time' (2003)
Dean Cain (1966 - )
Son of Sharon Thomas
Stepson of Christopher Cain
The Stone Boy (1984) [Eugene Hillerman]: Accidentally shot to death by his brother (Jason Presson). (Thanks to Michael)

Best Men (1997) [Sergeant Buzz Thomas]: Shot to death, along with Sean Patrick Flanery, in a shoot-out with police. (Thanks to Curtis and N.D.)

Out of Time (2003) [Chris Harrison]: Shot in the chest by Sanaa Lathan, after he asks her to give him the gun while he's being chased by Denzel Washington.

Dead & Deader (2006) [Lt. Bobby Quinn]: Dies after being bitten by the "zombie" parasite; he comes back to life as a zombie in the morgue, though he (unlike the other zombies) retains his original personality and intelligence.

September Dawn (2006) [Joseph Smith]: Shot to death by members of a lynch mob after they storm the jail; shown in a flashback sequence.
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