David Thewlis (with David Morrissey) in 'Basic Instinct 2'
David Thewlis (1963 - )
Ex-Mr. Sara Sugarman
Ex-Mr. Kate Hardie
Restoration (1995) [John Pearce]: I vaguely remember that he died of some illness, with Robert Downey Jr. by his side, but I can't recall any other details.

Dragonheart (1996) [King Einon]: Dies when Dennis Quaid stabs the dragon Draco (voiced by Sean Connery), killing David due to his mystical connection to the dragon's heart. (Thanks to Stephen, Tommy, and ND)

American Perfekt (1997) [Santini]: Bleeds to death after Robert Forster cuts out his tongue; he dies while attempting to speak to Fairuza Balk. (Thanks to ND)

Dinotopia (2002) [Cyrus Crabbe]: Eaten by a crocodile after being trapped in the caves. (Thanks to ND)

Timeline (2003) [Robert Doniger]: Decapitated (off-camera) with a sword by one of Michael Sheen's knights; we only see the sword swinging down. (Thanks to ND)

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) [Hospitaler]: Killed during the Battle of Hattin; his severed head is shown on a pike afterwards when Orlando Bloom and Jeremy Irons see it. (Thanks to Wolf and ND)

Basic Instinct 2 (2006) [Det. Supt. Roy Washburn]: Shot in the chest by David Morrissey, who believed that Thewlis was coming to kill him. (It's left ambiguous as to whether Thewlis was indeed planning to kill Morrissey, or whether Morrissey had been tricked by Sharon Stone.) (Thanks to Eric)

The Omen (2006) [Keith Jennings]: Decapitated by a steel fixture from a building when it gets knocked loose. (See also David Warner in the 1976 version.) (Thanks to Robert)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) [Remus Lupin]: Killed (off-screen) during a battle with Ralph Fiennes' followers; his body is shown afterwards lying beside Natalia Tena's when Daniel Radcliffe walks through the aftermath of the battle. He later appears as a spirit when Daniel holds the Resurrection Stone. (Thanks to Tommy)
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