David Tennant (with Peter de Jersey) in 'Hamlet' (2009)
David Tennant (1971 - )
Doctor Who: Smith and Jones (2007) [The Doctor]: Is temporarily dead after his blood is partially drained by Anne Reid; he is later revived due to a combination of his alien physiology and CPR administered by Freema Agyeman. (Thanks to Tommy)

Doctor Who: The Family of Blood (2007) [The Doctor]: In a vision of what would happen if he continued living as a human being, he dies of old age with Jessica Hynes by his side. (He survives the episode in reality.) (Thanks to Tommy)

Doctor Who: Turn Left (2008) [The Doctor]: In an alternate timeline, he is killed (off-screen) by Sarah Parish; his body is shown afterwards when Billie Piper and Catherine Tate see him being loaded into an ambulance. He is brought back to life when the proper timeline is restored. (Thanks to Tommy)

Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth (2008) [The Doctor]: Shot with an energy blast by a Dalek; he is brought back to life when the regeneration process begins, though he manages to manipulate the process so that he does not change form. (Thanks to Tommy)

Glorious 39 (2009) [Hector Haldane, MP]: Killed (off-screen) by Bill Nighy, who stages it to look like a suicide; we learn of his death when Romola Garai is informed. (Thanks to Tommy)

Hamlet (2009) [Hamlet]: Stabbed with a poison-tipped sword during a swordfight with Edward Bennett; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Peter de Jersey. (Thanks to Tommy)

Doctor Who: The End of Time (2010) [The Doctor]: Dies of radiation poisoning after exposing himself to the radiation to save Bernard Cribbins; he then regenerates into Matt Smith. (Thanks to Tommy)
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