David Rasche in 'Silhouette'
David Rasche (1944 - )
Cobra (1986) [Dan]: Killed with an axe (though I don't know the details). (Thanks to Bret)

Sledge Hammer!: The Spa Who Loved Me (1987) [Sledge Hammer]: Killed in an explosion while trying to defuse a nuclear bomb. (This was the season-ending cliffhanger; the second-season opening episode A Clockwork Hammer, rather than come up with a way he might have survived, states that the second season takes place five years before the first.) (Played for comic effect.)

Silhouette (1990) [Sheriff Kyle Lauder]: Shot in the chest by Faye Dunaway when he tries to shoot her outside the cabin.

United 93 (2006) [Donald Freeman Greene]: Killed in the crash of United Flight 93.

Revenge for Jolly! (2012) [Eichelberger]: Shot in the head by Brian Petsos, after first being wounded in a big shoot-out with Brian and Oscar Isaac in the law-office building.

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