David Dukes in 'Tick Tock'
David Dukes (1945 - 2000)
The First Deadly Sin (1980) [Daniel Blank]: My memory of this movie is vague, but I believe he was killed by Frank Sinatra.

Deadly Intent (1988) [Myron Weston]: Shot in the chest by Maud Adams. (Thanks to Michael)

Tick Tock (A Friendship to Die For) (2000) [Holden Avery]: Beaten to death with an elephant-tusk sculpture by the naked Kristin Minter in his office. His body is shown again when Linden Ashby discovers him and dumps the body in the woods, then again when Kristin and Megan Ward recover the body and put him in the trunk of their car.

Stephen King's Rose Red (2002) [Professor Carl Miller]: Dies of a heart attack. (Thanks to David31)
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