David Caruso in 'King of New York'
David Caruso's death in 'King of New York'
David Caruso (1956 - )
Rachel Ticotin
Without Warning (Alien Warning; The Warning) (1980) [Tom]: Killed by the alien (Kevin Peter Hall) in the woods.(Thanks to PortsGuy)

Thief of Hearts (1984) [Buddy Calamara]: Shot to death by Steven Bauer while David is about to kill Barbara Williams and John Getz. (Thanks to Michael)

Blue City (1986) [Joey Rayford]: Shot to death by Paul Winfield on the deck of a boat. (Thanks to Robert)

King of New York (1990) [Dennis Gilley]: Shot in the head by Christopher Walken when Christopher pulls up beside David's car in the cemetery after Wesley Snipes' funeral.

Hudson Hawk (1991) [Kit Kat]: Shot in the chest by Richard E. Grant while David is disguised as a marble statue; he dies shortly afterwards, after handing a note to Bruce Willis. (It's been a while since I've seen this movie, so my memory may be vague on the details.)

Cold Around the Heart (1997) [Ned Tash]: Killed in an explosion (along with Kelly Lynch) when the gas station blows up, shortly after she stabs him and he shoots her. (Thanks to Richard)

Body Count (1998) [Hobbs]: Reportedly smothered by John Leguizamo. (Thanks to Michael)

Session 9 (2001) [Phil]: Killed by Peter Mullan in the abandoned mental hospital. (Thanks to Susan)
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