Dash Mihok in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'
Dash Mihok's death in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'
Dash Mihok (1974 - )
Dark Blue (2002) [Gary Sidwell]: Skull crushed when rioters drop a chunk of concrete on him, while Kurt Russell looks on. (Thanks to ND)

Basic (2003) [Mueller]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Brian Van Holt. (Thanks to Tal and ND)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) [Mr. Frying Pan]: Shot in the back by a fast-food vendor while Dash is holding a gun on Val Kilmer outside the vendor's van.

I Am Legend (2007) [Alpha Male]: Killed in an explosion, along with several others of the Infected, when Will Smith sacrifices himself by detonating a grenade and destroying the laboratory. (The 2-disc DVD includes an alternate ending in which Dash and Will survive.) (Thanks to ND)
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