Daryl Haney (1963 - )
Self Defense (Siege) (1983) [Chester]: Garroted with a steel wire by Doug Lennox. (Thanks to Iron Duke)

Daddy's Boys (1988) [Jimmy]: Accidentally machine-gunned by Christian Clemonson during an attack on the bank. (Thanks to Iron Duke)

Marked for Murder (1989) [Agent #1]: Throat slit (off-screen) by Wings Hauser; his body is shown afterwards sitting in place with a cup of coffee still in his hand. (Thanks to Iron Duke)

Masque of the Red Death (Edgar Allan Poe's Masque of the Red Death) (1989) [Fabio]: Dies of the Red Death, along with the others in the castle, after Patrick Macnee deliberately unleashes the plague. (Thanks to Iron Duke)

Concealed Weapon (The Art of Murder) (1994) [Oliver Wright/Kolya]: Playing a dual role, "Oliver" is poisoned by Julie Baltee so that "Kolya" can assume his identity. ("Oliver" had also been shot in the chest by Mark Driscoll in a film-within-the-film sequence, in a clip from one of "Oliver's" movies.) (Thanks to Iron Duke and Eric)

Xtro 3: Watch the Skies (1995) [Hendricks]: Disemboweled (off-screen) by the alien; his body is shown afterwards when Andrea Lauren Herz, Sal Landi, and David Parker discover him. (Thanks to Iron Duke)

Surveillance (2008) [Drug Dealer]: Dies of a drug overdose while talking to Pell James and Mac Miller.
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Daryl Haney in 'Surveillance'