Danso Gordon in 'Dear Wendy'
Danso Gordon (1979 - )
Dear Wendy (2005) [Sebastian]: Shot to death (off-camera) by police; we only see the outside of the house as the police fire at it repeatedly. There is a brief flash-forward shot of his body at the morgue before the shooting begins.

Dark House (2009) [Eldon]: Decapitated with a mace by a hologram made "real" by Diane Salinger's spirit, as the others look on in horror. His body is shown again afterwards (with his head intact) as the police investigate and photograph the crime scene. (The police theorize that all the murders were actually committed by Meghan Ory, and that everything we'd seen had been Meghan's hallucinations; the condition of Danso's body would seem to support this, but the final scene indicates that Diane's spirit is real after all.)
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