Danny Aiello in 'Lucky Number Slevin'
Danny Aiello (1933 - )
Father of Danny Aiello III
(stunt performer) and Rick Aiello
The Stuff (1985) [Vickers]: Either mauled to death (off-screen) his his Stuff-addicted dog or consumed by the Stuff itself; the scene ends with the Stuff emerging from the dog's mouth as Danny cowers from it.

The Third Solution (Russicum: I giorni del diavolo) (1988) [George Sherman]: Presumably commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself; his final scene ends with him being left alone in a room with a gun and being instructed to make the right decision.

White Hot (Crack in the Mirror) (1989) [Charlie Buick]: Shot repeatedly by one of Kevin Gray's thugs in the street; after Danny talks back following the first (non-fatal) shot, we only see the hitman firing the remaining shots.

City Hall (1996) [Frank Anselmo]: Commits suicide by shooting himself. (Thanks to Arben)

Lucky Number Slevin (2006) [Roth]: Killed (off-screen) by Morgan Freeman's and Ben Kingsley's henchmen; his body is shown afterwards as the henchmen are torturing Scott Gibson. (Thanks to Eric)
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