Dan Aykroyd (1952 - )
Brother of Peter Aykroyd
Mr. Donna Dixon
Saturday Night Live (Oct. 11, 1975) [Old Dad]: Dies (off-screen) under unspecified circumstances during an insurance commercial; his death is indicated when an "X" is superimposed on his face and "New Dad" (Chevy Chase) takes his place in the family.

Saturday Night Live (Oct. 25, 1975) [Square Dance Caller]: Shot in the chest by the mortally-wounded Chevy Chase after Dan instructs all the square dancers to shoot each other.

Saturday Night Live (Nov. 22, 1975) [Sheriff Brody]: Eaten by the Land Shark (Chevy Chase) in the police station.

Saturday Night Live (Jan. 10, 1976) [First Violinist]: Appears as a corpse, propped up on stage as part of the "Dead String Quartet."

Saturday Night Live (Jan. 17, 1976) [Charles Foster Kane]: Dies (off-screen) of unspecified natural causes, some time before the sketch begins; he only appears in a flashback sequence.

Saturday Night Live (Feb. 28, 1976) [Barry]: Shot in the chest by John Belushi during a mugging, as Chevy Chase looks on in shock.

Saturday Night Live (May 15, 1976) [Bank Robber #2]: Shot in the chest, along with John Belushi, in a shoot-out with police.

Saturday Night Live (Mar. 11, 1978) [Dan Aykroyd]: In a sketch set in the future, he dies (off-screen) in a motorcycle accident, several years before the sketch begins; his death is mentioned in John Belushi's monologue as John reminisces about his dead castmates at the cemetery. (Thanks to Tommy)

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) [Grocer]: Electrocuted/bludgeoned to death when John Cusack hits him over the head with a television set.
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Dan Aykroyd (center) with Chevy Chase and John Belushi in 'Saturday Night Live' (Feb. 28, 1976)