Courtney Gains (1965 - )
Children of the Corn (1984) [Malachai]: Neck snapped by John Franklin. (Thanks to Wen)

Lust in the Dust (1985) [Red Dick Barker]: Neck accidentally snapped between Divine's legs during sex. (Played for comic effect.)

The Landlady (1998) [Tyson Johns]: Shot in the chest by Talia Shire when he enters Susie Singer's apartment.

Halloween (2007) [Kendall Jacks]: Head bashed against the cell wall by Tyler Mane. (This scene is present only in the Unrated DVD version, not in the original theatrical version.)

Monk: Mr. Monk Is on the Run, Part 1 (2008) [Six-Fingered Man]: Shot to death by Scott Glenn while Tony Shalhoub is holding a gun on Courtney (causing Tony to assume that he killed Courtney). (Courtney also appears in flashbacks in the following episode Part 2.) (Thanks to PortsGuy)
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Courtney Gains in 'The Landlady'