Corbin Bernsen in 'Radioland Murders'
Corbin Bernsen (1954 - )
Son of Jeanne Cooper and Harry Bernsen
Brother of Collin Bernsen
Amanda Pays
Radioland Murders (1994) [Dexter Morris]: Electrocuted when he grabs a microphone stand that had been booby-trapped by Stephen Tobolowsky.

Tales from the Hood (1995) [Duke Metger]: Devoured by a swarm of dolls that had been possessed/animated by the spirits of the slaves who had worked on his family plantation. (Thanks to Aleigh)

Fangs (2001) [Carl Hart]: Killed by his own genetically-engineered bats. (Thanks to ND)

Raptor (2001) [Dr. Hyde]: Killed by the dinosaur he had created. (Thanks to Fred and ND)

Dead Above Ground (2002) [Mark Mallory]: Hacked to death with an axe (off-screen) by Josh Hammond; the scene cuts away as the axe comes down.

Dragnet: All That Glitters (2003) [Richard Atkins]: Throat slit (off-screen) after being tortured by Bruce Payne; his body is shown afterwards when Ethan Embry and Ed O'Neill investigate the scene. (Thanks to Neil)

They Are Among Us (2004) [Norbert]: Eaten by aliens, after Jennifer Eastwood ties him up and douses him with a chemical to attract the aliens. (Thanks to Stephen)

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) [Harlan Dexter]: Shot in the chest by Robert Downey Jr., while Robert is hanging from the edge of a bridge after Corbin tries to run him down with a car. (Thanks to Tom)

Vipers (2008) [Burton]: Bitten by one of the mutant vipers in his limousine.
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