Conrad Veidt in 'Casablanca'
Conrad Veidt (1893 - 1943)
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) (1920) [Cesare]: Falls to his death while being chased by the townspeople; his body is then brought to Werner Krauss' office. (It's later revealed that the entire story had been Frederic Faher's delusion; the "real" Conrad survives.) (Thanks to Grde and Tommy)

Lady Hamilton (1921) [Lord Nelson]: Shot to death during the Battle of Trafalgar. (Thanks to Gordon)

William Tell (Wilhelm Tell) (1923) [Hermann Gessler]: Shot to death with an arrow by Hans Marr. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Student of Prague (Der Student von Prag; The Man Who Cheated Death) (1926) [Balduin]: Dies when he kills his reflection (which had magically come to life as a physical being).

The Last Performance (1927) [Erik the Great]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself, after confessing to the murder of Leslie Fenton.

Rasputin, Demon with Women (Rasputin, Daemon der Frauen) (1930) [Rasputin]: Presumably poisoned, shot, and beaten by assassins, then drowned after being thrown into the river. (I haven't seen this movie myself, so I don't know whether it actually depicts Rasputin's death or not.)

Power (Jew Suss) (1934) [Josef 'Jew Suss' Oppenheimer]: Executed by hanging. (Note: This version, which treats the character sympathetically, is not to be confused with the notorious 1940 Nazi propaganda film Jud Suss.)

The Spy in Black (U-Boat 29) (1939) [Captain Hardt]: Drowned when the ship he had boarded is sunk by his own submarine. (Thanks to Brian)

Escape (1940) [General Kurt von Kolb]: Dies of a heart attack during a confrontation with Norma Shearer. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Thief of Bagdad (1940) [Jaffar of Bagdad]: Shot with an arrow by Sabu, causing Conrad to fall off of his flying horse. (Thanks to Prof)

All Through the Night (1942) [Franz Ebbing]: Killed in an explosion after his speedboat crashes, after Humphrey Bogart diverts its course and jumps overboard to safety. (Thanks to Mac)

Casablanca (1943) [Major Heinrich Strasser]: Shot in the chest by Humphrey Bogart when Conrad attempts to alert the other Nazis about Paul Henreid's escape. (Thanks to Betty)
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