Colm Feore in 'The Chronicles of Riddick'
Colm Feore (1958 - )
Mr. Donna Feore
(stage director/choreographer)
Romeo & Juliet (1993) [Mercutio]: Stabbed by Lorne Kennedy when Antoni Cimolino tries to break up the swordfight between Colm and Lorne; he dies shortly afterwards, after delivering a final speech.

The Outer Limits: The Heist (1996) [Major Mackie]: Frozen to death when the alien parasite drains the heat from his body. (Thanks to ND)

Face/Off (1997) [Dr. Malcolm Walsh]: Burned to death (along with CCH Pounder and Robert Wisdom) after Nicolas Cage (with John Travolta's face) sets the laboratory on fire. (Thanks to ND)

Airborne (1998) [Ron Simpson]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Steve Guttenberg. (Thanks to ND)

Creature (1998) [Admiral Aaron Richland]: Devoured by the mutant hybrid shark. (Thanks to ND)

Ignition (2001) [General Joel McAteer]: Commits suicide (off-camera) by shooting himself in the head; we only hear the shot after he puts the gun to his head. (Thanks to ND)

The Sum of All Fears (2002) [Olson]: Throat slit by Liev Schreiber. (Thanks to ND)

Highwaymen (2003) [Fargo]: Shot in the face with a shotgun by Frankie Faison; we only see Frankie firing the gun. (Thanks to ND)

National Security (2003) [Detective Frank McDuff]: Shot to death during a shoot-out with Martin Lawrence and Steve Zahn. (Thanks to ND)

Paycheck (2003) [John Wolfe]: Electrocuted/burned to death after being thrown into a large TV screen by an explosion caused by Ben Affleck. (Thanks to ND)

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) [Lord Marshal]: Stabbed in the head at the end of a fight with Vin Diesel. (Thanks to Jim and ND)
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