Colin Farrell in 'Minority Report'
Colin Farrell (1976 - )
Amelia Warner
Minority Report (2002) [Detective Danny Witwer]: Shot in the chest, then in the head, by Max von Sydow in Tom Cruise's apartment. (The final shot is off-camera, blocked by Max's back as he stands over Colin.)

Intermission (2003) [Lehiff]: Shot to death by Tomas O'Suilleabhain. (Thanks to Leanne and Vlabor)

Alexander (2004) [Alexander the Great]: Dies of a fever, with his followers and servants by his side. (Thanks to Gary and JF)

Cassandra's Dream (2007) [Terry]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by drowning himself in the ocean, after accidentally killing his brother (Ewan McGregor). (Thanks to Hugh and Nilescu)

In Bruges (2008) [Ray]: Shot repeatedly in the stomach and back by Ralph Fiennes; the movie ends with Colin being loaded into an ambulance, but his narration indicates that he's dying. (Thanks to Christina, Jack, ND, and Tommy)
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