Christopher Neame in 'Dracula AD 1972'
Christopher Neame (1947 - )
Dracula AD 1972 (Dracula Today) (1972) [Johnny Alucard]: Killed by running water when he falls into the shower, on top of being burned by sunlight after he accidentally uncovers the skylight during a fight with Peter Cushing. His body is shown again afterwards after David Andrews and Michael Coles arrive at the scene.

Romeo and Juliet (1976) [Romeo]: Commits suicide by drinking poison in Ann Hasson's crypt, not knowing she's not really dead.

Blake's 7: Traitor (1981) [Colonel Quute]: Bludgeoned to death with a rifle butt by a rebel.

(1988) [Bernard]: Drowned when he falls into the tar pits at the end of a struggle with Dennis Quaid. (Thanks to ND)

Licence to Kill (1989) [Fallon]: Killed in an explosion when Robert Davi's men fire on Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa's hideout. (Thanks to Tal and ND)

Hellbound (1994) [Lockley]: Burned to death after being impaled with his own sceptre by Chuck Norris. (Thanks to ND)

Species III (2004) [Dr. Nicholas Turner]: Stabbed in the top of the head by Sunny Mabrey's spiked tail after she transforms into her alien form. (Thanks to ND)
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