Christopher Mitchum (with Caroline Munro) in 'Faceless'
Christopher Mitchum (1943 - )
Son of Robert Mitchum
Brother of Jim Mitchum
Father of Bentley Mitchum and Carrie Mitchum
The Cauldron of Death (Ricco; Gangland; Mean Machine; The Dirty Mob) (1973) [Rico Aversi]: Shot by Arthur Kennedy; he manages to shoot Arthur in turn and stagger over to his car before dying. (Thanks to Johan)

Clockwork Terror (Una Gota de sangre para morir amando; Murder in a Blue World; To Love, Perhaps to Die) (1973) [David]: Stabbed with a scalpel by Sue Lyon in an operating room. (Thanks to Johan)

Faceless (Les Predateurs de la nuit) (1988) [Sam Morgan]: Suffocated (along with Caroline Munro) after Brigitte Lahaie locks them in a padded cell and seals off the hallway. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)
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