Charlie Sheen in 'Under Pressure' (1997)
Charlie Sheen (1965 - )
Son of
Martin Sheen
Brother of
Emilio Estevez and Renee Estevez
Denise Richards
Red Dawn (1984) [Matt Eckert]: Shot to death by Russian soldiers. (Thanks to Robert)

Grizzly II: The Concert (Predator: The Concert) (1987) [Ron]: Mauled to death by the bear. (Thanks to Tommy)

No Man's Land (1987) [Ted Varrick]: Shot to death by D.B. Sweeney while resisting arrest. (Thanks to Michael)

Young Guns (1988) [Richard Brewer]: Shot to death in a showdown with Brian Keith. (Thanks to Robert)

Backtrack (Catchfire; Do It the Hard Way) (1990) [Bob]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Dennis Hopper in Charlie's bedroom; we only hear the shots from downstairs while Jodie Foster cowers helplessly. (Thanks to Michael)

The Chase (1994) [Jackson Davis Hammond]: Shot repeatedly by police when he pretends to reach for a gun; this turns out to be a daydream sequence while he's considering whether or not to surrender. (Thanks to Tal, Corey and Chris)

Under Pressure (Bad Day on the Block) (1997) [Lyle Wilder]: Shot in the chest by Mare Winningham after she manages to get hold of the gun he dropped.

Rated X (2000) [Artie Mitchell]: Shot repeatedly by Emilio Estevez. (Thanks to Robert)

Scary Movie 4 (2006) [Tom]: Falls to his death from a balcony, after taking an overdose of Viagra and loising control of his body; his body is shown afterwards (showing the effects of his Viagra overdose). (Played for comic effect, parodying Bill Pullman's death in The Grudge.) (Thanks to Alex and Mathew)

Two and a Half Men: Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt (2011) [Charlie Harper]: Hit by a train (off-screen) in Paris (it's implied that he was pushed by Melanie Lynskey), before the episode begins; the circumstances of his death are revealed during Melanie's speech at his funeral. His ashes are shown afterwards in an urn before Jon Cryer accidentally spills them all over the room when startled by Ashton Kutcher. (Played for comic effect.) (Note: Charlie did not actually appear in this episode, as he had been fired from the show the previous season.) (Thanks to Tommy and Scott)
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