Charles Durning in 'Captains and the Kings'
Charles Durning (1923 - 2012)
Captains and the Kings (1976) [Ed Healey]: Dies of a stroke during a celebratory dinner with Richard Jordan, Blair Brown, and Barbara Parkins.

Twilight's Last Gleaming (Nuclear Countdown) (1977) [President David Stevens]: Shot to death (along with Burt Lancaster and Paul Winfield) by a SWAT team while they're trying to escape. (Thanks to Michael)

Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981) [Otis P. Hazelrigg]: Stabbed in the back with a pitchfork by Larry Drake. (Thanks to Onslow)

The Hudsucker Proxy (1994) [Waring Hudsucker]: Commits suicide by jumping out of the boardroom window, followed by a comically long fall to the sidewalk.

Jerry and Tom (1998) [Vic]: Injected with an air bubble by Sam Rockwell in the restaurant.

LAPD: To Protect and Serve (2001) [Stuart Steele]: Shot in the chest by Wayne Crawford, after Wayne shoots Brenda Campbell; Wayne then arranges the scene to make it look as though Charles and Brenda shot each other.

Desperation (2006) [Tom Billingsley]: Mauled to death by a cougar. (Thanks to Shigley)
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