Charles Dance (with Michael Gothard in foreground) in 'For Your Eyes Only'
Charles Dance (1946 - )
For Your Eyes Only (1981) [Claus]: Shot in the back with a speargun by Carole Bouquet while Charles and Michael Gothard are holding guns on Roger Moore on the beach. (Thanks to Robert)

The Golden Child (1986) [Sardo Numspa]: Stabbed with an enchanted dagger by Eddie Murphy, after Charles has transformed into a demon. (Thanks to Robert and Joe)

White Mischief (1987) [Josslyn Hay, Earl of Erroll]: I vaguely recall that he was murdered, but I can't remember how or by whom.

The Phantom of the Opera (1990) [Erik, the Phantom of the Opera]: Shot in the chest by Burt Lancaster, he then falls from the roof of the opera building and dies in Teri Polo's arms after Teri removes his mask. (Thanks to Anton)

Alien3 (1992) [Clemens]: Brain eaten by an alien. (Thanks to Anton)

Last Action Hero (1993) [Benedict]: Shot in the head (through his glass eye) by Arnold Schwarzenegger, detonating the bomb in the eye. (Thanks to Betty)
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