Chad Donella in 'Final Destination'
Chad Donella (1978 - )
The X-Files: Hungry (1999) [Robert 'Rob' Roberts]: Shot to death by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny when he suicidally charges at them, in order to free himself from his cannibalistic urges. He dies in Judith Hoag's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to ND)

Final Destination (2000) [Tod Waggner]: Accidentally hanged when he slips in the bathroom and gets the clothesline tangled around his neck; his body is shown again later on when Devon Sawa and Ali Larter sneak into the morgue.

Taken (2002) [Jacob Clarke]: Dies of a degenerative illness due to his human/alien hybrid DNA, as his daughter (Taylor Anne Reid) looks on. (Thanks to ND)

Cold Case: It's Raining Men (2004) [Jeff Kern]: Strangled by his brother (Brian Wedlake). (Thanks to Sonya)

Ghost Whisperer: The Cradle Will Rock (2007) [Randy Cooper]: Dies of an asthma attack, after discovering that his inhaler is empty after Shawn Christian locks Chad in the basement. He later appears as a ghost to Jennifer Love Hewitt. (Thanks to Karen and ND)

Saw: The Final Chapter (Saw 3D) (2010) [Detective Matt Gibson]: Machine-gunned by an automatic gun deathtrap that had been set up by Costas Mandylor. (Thanks to Marjorie and ND)
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