Cameron Mitchell (1918 - 1994)
Father of Camille, Chip, and Channing Mitchell
Man in the Saddle (The Outcast) (1951) [George Virk]: Shot (off-screen) by Richard Rober; he dies shortly after Richard's gang drop him off on the porch of Randolph Scott's ranch.

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1952) [Ryker]: Strangled by Dale Robertson at the end of a struggle outside the cabin.

Garden of Evil (1954) [Luke Daly]: Shot in the back with an arrow by an Apache warrior, while Cameron is facing off against Gary Cooper.

House of Bamboo (1955) [Griff]: Shot in the chest by Robert Ryan while Cameron is sitting in an outdoor hot tub.

The Tall Men (1955) [Clint Allison]: Killed by Sioux warriors.

All Mine to Give (The Day They Gave Babies Away) (1957) [Robert Eunson]: Dies of tuberculosis.

Blood and Black Lace (Sei donne per l'assassino; Fashion House of Death) (1964) [Max Marian]: Shot in the chest by the mortally-injured Eva Bartok.

Dog Eat Dog (When Strangers Meet) (1964) [Lyle Corbett]: Drowned during a struggle with Dodie Heath in the sea.

Hombre (1967) [Frank Braden]: Shot to death, along with David Canary, by Paul Newman. (Thanks to Gordon)

Nightmare in Wax (Crimes in the Wax Museum) (1969) [Vincent Renard]: Falls into a vat of wax in his laboratory; we see him start to fall, followed by a shot from his point of view from underneath the surface. We then hear a phone ringing, and some dialogue from events earlier in the movie, suggesting that the everything has been a dream (with the implication that it's about to come true).

The Hanged Man (1974) [Lew Halleck]: Falls from a catwalk into a vat of molten silver while trying to kill Steve Forrest in the steam-filled room. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Toolbox Murders (1978) [Vance Kingsley]: Stabbed in the stomach when he walks up to Wesley Eure while Wesley is holding a knife on him.

The Demon (Midnight Caller) (1979) [Colonel Bill Carson]: Shot in the head by Moira Winslow.

Blood Link (The Link) (1982) [Bud Waldo]: Dies of a heart attack while being beaten up by Michael Moriarty in a public park.

Killpoint (1984) [Joe Marks]: Throat slashed by Stack Pierce; he dies shortly after he and Leo Fong shoot Stack to death. (Thanks to Ben)

Misson: Kill (1987) [Harry]: I vaguely recall that he was killed in this, but I can't remember the details.

The Offspring (From a Whisper to a Scream) (1987) [Sergeant Gallen]: Killed by a mob of children, though I can't recall the specific details of the scene.

Terror Night (1987) [Detective Sanders]: Killed by John Ireland's ghost. (Thanks to PortsGuy)
Cameron Mitchell (with Moira Winslow) in 'The Demon'
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