Bryan Cranston in 'Drive'
Bryan Cranston (1956 - )
Son of Joe Cranston
Brother of Kyle Edward Cranston
Mr. Robin Dearden
Father of Taylor Dearden
Terror Tract (2000) [Ron Gatley]: Shot to death (off-camera) by his daughter (Katelin Peterson) as he yells at her to give him the gun; we only hear the shot over an exterior shot of the house.

Drive (2011) [Shannon]: Bleeds to death after Albert Brooks slashes Bryan's arm in Bryan's garage. His body is shown again later on when Ryan Gosling discovers him. (Thanks to Tommy and ND)

John Carter (2012) [Powell]: Mortally wounded in a battle with Apache warriors; he dies of his wound (off-screen) after Taylor Kitsch is teleported to Mars, and his skeleton is shown later on when Taylor returns to Earth. (Thanks to Tommy)

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