Bruce Cabot in 'Diamonds Are Forever'
Bruce Cabot (1904 - 1972)
Ex-Mr. Adrienne Ames
Ex-Mr. Francesca De Scaffa
The Last of the Mohicans (1936) [Magua]: Drowned in a river during a fight with Robert Barrat. We only see Robert holding Bruce under; his body is not shown afterwards.

Dodge City (1939) [Jeff Surrett]: Shot to death by Alan Hale as Bruce tries to escape on horseback. (Thanks to Jeffrey)

Angel and the Badman (Angel and the Outlaw) (1947) [Laredo Stevens]: Shot in the chest (along with his henchman) by Harry Carey after they pull their guns on the unarmed John Wayne.

The War Wagon (1967) [Frank Pierce]: Shot to death by one of his own men, whom Bruce had shot for cowardice earlier. (Thanks to George)

Chisum (1970) [Sheriff Brady]: Shot to death by Geoffrey Deuel. (Thanks to Michael)

Big Jake (1971) [Sam Sharpnose]: Slashed to death with a machete by Gregg Palmer during a fight with Richard Boone. (Thanks to Michael)

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) [Gus Saxby]: Shot in the chest by British agents after he opens fire on Sean Connery and Jimmy Dean. (Thanks to Robert)
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