Brian O'Halloran in 'The Happening'
Brian O'Halloran's death in 'The Happening'
Brian O'Halloran (1969 - )
a.k.a. Brian Christopher O'Halloran
Clerks. (1994) [Dante Hicks]: Although he survives the actual movie, an alternate ending was filmed in which he is shot to death by John Willyung during a robbery at the convenience store. The alternate ending is included as a bonus feature in the US DVD. (Thanks to Matthew and Tommy)

Dogma (1999) [Grant Hicks]: Presumably killed (off-screen) by either Ben Affleck or Matt Damon; we last see him cowering in fear as Jason Lee watches on television. (Thanks to Tommy)

The Happening (2008) [Jeep Driver]: Commits suicide by deliberately crashing his jeep into a tree, after falling under the influence of the airborne toxin. (Thanks to Bryan and Tommy)
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