Brian Krause in 'Triloquist'
Brian Krause (1969 - )
Ex-Mr. Beth Bruce
Charmed: Saving Private Leo (2002) [Leo Wyatt]: Killed (off-screen) in combat during World War II. (Brian first appeared as a ghost/angel in the first season episode Thank You for Not Morphing; this episode featured a flashback to the time of his death, though his actual death was not shown.) (Thanks to Paige)

Triloquist (2008) [Detective Kislow]: Beaten to death with a large stick by Paydin LoPachin in the woods, as Katie Chonacas looks on in horror. His body is shown again afterwards when he appears to be injured and asks Katie for help; it's then revealed that Paydin was actually manipulating his body like a ventriloquist dummy.
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