Bob Gunton in 'Dead Silence'
Bob Gunton (1945 - )
Ex-Mr. Annie McGreevey
The Shawshank Redemption (1994) [Warden Norton]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the throat, rather than be arrested. (Thanks to GLC)

Broken Arrow (1996) [Pritchett]: Throat crushed when John Travolta hits him in the throat with a baton while sitting in the jeep with him. (Thanks to GLC)

Desperate Housewives: Remember, Part 2 (2006) [Noah Taylor]: Dies after Cody Katsch turns off his respirator. (Thanks to GLC)

Dead Silence (2007) [Edward Ashen]: Killed (off-screen) by either Judith Roberts' ghost or Amber Valletta, some time before his first appearance; at the end of the movie, Bob's son (Ryan Kwanten) discovers his body, then realizes that Bob had been dead all along and that Amber had been manipulating his body like a ventriloquist's dummy.
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