Blair Underwood in 'Posse'
Blair Underwood (1964 - )
Murder in Mississippi (1990) [James Chaney]: Shot to death, along with Josh Charles and Tom Hulce, by a group of Klansmen (including Walton Goggins and Ray McKinnon). (Thanks to Robert)

Posse (1993) [Carver]: Shot in the chest by Richard Jordan in Blair's office.

Just Cause (1995) [Bobby Earl]: Killed by either Sean Connery or Laurence Fishburne (I can't recall exactly what happened).

Deep Impact (1998) [Mark Simon]: Killed in an explosion, along with the rest of the space shuttle crew, when they pilot the shuttle into the comet in order to save the Earth.

In Treatment: Alex, Week Seven (2008) [Alex Prince]: Killed in an airplane crash (which is suggested to have been suicide) while piloting his craft in a training exercise. (Thanks to Donna)
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