Bill Cobbs in 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer'
Bill Cobbs (1935 - )
Demolition Man (1993) [Aged Zachary Lamb]: Although his death is not depicted in the movie itself, the DVD includes a deleted scene of him being killed by Wesley Snipes (which accounts for his absence at the end of the movie). (Thanks to ND)

Man with a Gun (1995) [Henry Griggs]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Bill Dow's men, after being beaten and interrogated.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) [Estes]: Impaled through the back with a poker (off-screen) by either Muse Watson or Matthew Settle; he dies shortly after the others discover him, falling on top of Jennifer Esposito as he does so. (Thanks to Germboygel, Gary, Robert, and Felice)

Random Hearts (1999) [Marvin]: Killed (off-screen) by Dennis Haysbert; his body is shown afterwards in the back of a garbage truck. (Thanks to ND)

The Sopranos: Do Not Resuscitate (2000) [Revered James Sr.]: Dies (off-screen) of heart failure; his death is mentioned in a conversation between James Gandolfini and Gregory Alan Williams. (Thanks to Robert)
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