Bill Bixby in 'The Death of the Incredible Hulk'
Bill Bixby (1934 - 1993)
Ex-Mr. Brenda Benet
Night Gallery: Last Rites for a Dead Druid (1972) [Bruce Farraday]: Turned into a stone statue by a supernatural curse; it's arguable as to whether this constitutes death or just suspended animation, but I'll list it just to be safe.

Steambath (1973) [Tandy]: Dies (off-sccreen) of food poisoning in a Chinese restaurant, shortly before the movie begins; the movie takes place in the afterlife, as revealed when Bill remembers that he's dead.

The Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990) [Dr. David Bruce Banner]: Fatally injured when he falls from an exploding plane in his Lou Ferrigno form; he dies after transforming back into Bill, as Elizabeth Gracen kneels by his side. (There were plans to bring the character back to life in a proposed sequel; Bill's real-life death prevented this from occurring.)
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