Bernard Bresslaw in 'Carry On Cowboy'
The Bernard Bresslaw-shaped hole in 'Carry On Cowboy'
Bernard Bresslaw (1934 - 1993)
Carry On Cowboy (The Rumpo Kid) (1965) [Little Heap]: Killed in an explosion (off-camera) when he carries a stick of dynamite into the jail to free his father (Charles Hawtrey). We see the explosion from outside the building, and a Bernard-shaped hole in the roof is shown afterwards when Sid James and his gang go inside. (Played for comic effect, obviously.)

Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors (1967) [Varga]: Killed in an explosion, along with the other Ice Warriors, when their ship overheats. (Bernard was unrecognizable beneath the alien costume for this role.)

Krull (Dragons of Krull; The Dungeons of Krull; Dungeons and Dragons) (1983) [Rell the Cyclops]: Crushed to death while holding up an opening to let the others enter the castle. (Again, Bernard was nearly unrecognizable beneath the cyclops make-up.) (Thanks to Michael)
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