Ben Wright (1915 - 1989)
Not to be confused with stunt performer
Ben Wright
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: A Home Away from Home (1963) [Dr. Norton]: Strangled by Ray Milland, who then conceals his body in a dumbwaiter. His body is shown again later on when Claire Griswold discovers him.

The Outer Limits: Moonstone (1964) [Grippian Refugee Scientists]: Providing the collective voice of five aliens, they commit suicide by blowing up their vessel rather than be taken back by their planet's tyrants. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Wild Wild West: The Night the Dragon Screamed
(1966) [Colonel Allenby-Smythe]: Falls into a pit of spikes at the end of a fight with Robert Conrad.

Arnold (1973) [Jonesy]: Hit on the head with a shovel by Elsa Lanchester while standing in the grave he'd just finished digging. We only see Elsa bringing the shovel down; his body is not shown afterwards.

Barnaby Jones: Twenty Million Alibis (1973) [Mr. Jason]: Hits his head on a table after being knocked down by Peter Haskell when Ben walks in on the burglary.
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Ben Wright in 'The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: A Home Away from Home'