Bentley Mitchum in 'Shark Attack'
Bentley Mitchum (1967 - )
Grandson of
Robert Mitchum
Son of
Christopher Mitchum
Brother of Carrie Mitchum
Ex-Mr. Noelle Balfour
Mr. Jaime Anstead
Sometimes They Come Back (1991) [David North]: Hit by a train, along with Robert Rusler and Nicholas Sadler, after Chris Demetral snatches their car keys while they're stopped on the tracks in a tunnel. They return to life years later to torment Tim Matheson, and die once again when their deaths are re-enacted in the tunnel.

Susie Q (1996) [Johnny Angel]: Drowned, along with Amy Jo Johnson, when their car goes over a bridge. (Thanks to Drew)

Shark Attack (1999) [Dr. Miles Craven]: Shot in the back with a speargun by Ernie Hudson in the laboratory; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Casper Van Dien.
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