Ben Mendelsohn (1969 - )
Vertical Limit (2000) [Malcolm Bench]: Killed in an explosion, along with Alexander Siddig, when the nitroglycerine leaks out of its container and is detonated by the heat of the sun. (Thanks to Neil)

Knowing (2009) [Phil Beckman]: Killed, along with everybody else on Earth, when a solar flare destroys the planet. We last see him standing with his girlfriend on the street when Nicolas Cage sees him while Nicolas is going to join his family. (Thanks to Tommy)

Animal Kingdom (2010) [Andrew 'Pope' Cody]: Shot in the head by his nephew (James Frecheville) in James' bedroom after Ben comes in to talk with him.

Trespass (2011) [Elias]: Shot repeatedly in the back and head by his brother (Cam Gigandet) just as Ben is about to shoot Nicolas Cage. (Thanks to ND)

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) [Daggett]: Neck snapped by Tom Hardy. (Thanks to Tommy, Tim, and Dignan)

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Ben Mendelsohn in 'Animal Kingdom'