Ben Cross in 'Tales from the Crypt: Seance'
Ben Cross (1947 - )
Live Wire (1992) [Mikhail Rashid]: Killed in an explosion after he drinks an explosive formula in an attempt to kill Pierce Brosnan and Ron Silver. (Thanks to ND)

Tales from the Crypt: Seance (1992) [Benny Polosky]: Decapitated (off-screen) by John Vernon's ghost; his severed head is shown afterwards when Cathy Moriarty opens the suitcase and discovers it.

First Knight (1995) [Prince Malagant]: Stabbed to death with a sword at the end of a fight with Richard Gere. (Thanks to Matt)

Blood Song (Haunted Symphony; Hellfire) (1995) [Marius Carnot]: Burned to death after being trapped in a burning building. (Thanks to ND)

The Order (2001) [Ben Ner]: Falls to his death at the end of a fight with Jean-Claude Van Damme, after Ben tries to pull himself up by grabbing Jean-Claude's shirt and tears it off. (Thanks to ND)
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