Beau Bridges ni 'Max Payne'
Beau Bridges (1941 - )
Son of
Lloyd Bridges
Brother of
Jeff Bridges
Cimarron Strip: The Legend of Jud Starr (1967) [Billy Joe Show]: Hanged (off-screen) from a tree; his body is shown afterwards when Stuart Whitman discovers him. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Other Side of the Mountain (A Window to the Sky) (1975) [Dick 'Mad Dog' Buek]: Killed in a plane crash (off-screen); we learn of his death when William Bryant gets the news. (Thanks to Gordon)

Hallmark Hall of Fame: Witness for the Prosecution (1982) [Leonard Vole]: Stabbed twice in the stomach by Diana Rigg. (Thanks to Gordon)

Space (1985) [Randy Claggett]: Killed when his lunar module crashes. (Thanks to Gordon)

American Dad: Failure Is Not a Factory-Installed Option (2006; animated) [Lieutenant Thacker]: Poisoned (off-screen) after his wife (voiced by Swoosie Kurtz) puts rat poison in his tea; the scene ends after she serves him the tea. (Thanks to Tommy)

Max Payne (2008) [BB Hensley]: Shot in the chest by Mark Wahlberg on a rooftop. (Thanks to Tommy)
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