Anthony Perkins (1932 - 1992)
Son of
Osgood Perkins
Mr. Berry Berenson
Father of
Oz Perkins and Elvis Perkins
On the Beach (1959) [Lieutenant Commander Peter Holmes]: Commits suicide by taking poison, along with his wife (Donna Anderson) and child, after a nuclear war breaks out. (Thanks to Mac)

The Trial (1963) [Josef K.]: Executed by being thrown into a quarry with some dynamite. (Thanks to Jack)

The Fool Killer (El Asesino de tontos; Violent Journey) (1965) [Milo Bogardus]: Commits suicide by jumping off the roof of the farmhouse, while Edward Albert, Dana Elcar and Salome Jens watch helplessly.

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) [The Rev. Mr. LaSalle]: Dies of dysentery (off-screen); he narrates his part of the story from beyond the grave, and mentions his own death at the end of his narration.

Ten Days' Wonder (La Decade prodigieuse) (1972) [Charles Van Horn]: Commits suicide by running into a wrought-iron fence and impaling his head on it.

Saturday Night Live (Mar. 13, 1976) [Guest Host]: Stabbed to death when he hugs Gilda Radner while she's wearing a knife-covered dress, in a fake-movie-trailer sketch.

Les Miserables (1978) [Javert]: Commits suicide by throwing himself into the river.

The Black Hole (1979) [Dr. Alex Durant]: Electrocuted when a robot throws him into an electrical panel, after stabbing him. (Thanks to Nick)

ffolkes (North Sea Hijack; Assault Force) (1980) [Lou Kramer]: Shot with a speargun by Roger Moore. (Thanks to Spiderman)

Crimes of Passion (1984) [Reverend Peter Shayne]: Stabbed in the back with a steel dildo by Kathleen Turner, while Anthony is in drag and Kathleen is dressed in Anthony's suit (creating the initial impression that he killed her).

Destroyer (The Edison Effect; Shadow of Death) (1988) [Robert Edwards]: Electrocuted after Lyle Alzado straps him into an electric chair, then throws the switch while Deborah Foreman tries to get Anthony out. (Thanks to PortsGuy)
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Anthony Perkins in 'Saturday Night Live' (Mar. 13, 1976)