Andy Serkis (left) with Reece Shearsmith (right) in 'The Cottage'
Andy Serkis (1964 - )
Mr. Lorraine Ashbourne
Oliver Twist (1999) [Bill Sikes]: Hanged when the rope gets tangled around his neck as he tries to escape by swinging from one building to another.

Deathwatch (2002) [Private Thomas Quinn]: Shot to death by Jamie Bell, as a mercy killing after supernaturally-animated barbed wire bursts out of the ground and runs itself around and through Andy's body. (Thanks to Mathew)

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) [Gollum/Smeagol]: Burned to death when he falls into the lava of Mount Doom after seizing the Ring in a struggle with Elijah Wood. (Andy's performance was done through motion capture; after being filmed performing the role, the CGI character was created around his movements and voice.) (Thanks to Tal, Tommy, and Mathew)

King Kong (2005) [Kong/Lumpy]: Playing a dual role as both a live-action human character ("Lumpy") and the CGI/motion-capture ape ("Kong"), "Lumpy" is devoured by wormlike creatures in a cavern. "Kong" falls to his death from the Empire State Building, after being shot by biplanes while he's holding Naomi Watts. (Thanks to Jok, Tommy, and Mathew)

The Cottage (2008) [David]: Hit in the chest with a pickaxe by Dave Legeno, as Andy's brother (Reece Shearsmith) looks on in horror. (Thanks to Mathew)

Inkheart (2008) [Capricorn]: Turned into ash by the Shadow monster, when Eliza Bennett rewrites the story and reads it aloud. (Thanks to Mathew)

Little Dorrit: Episode 14 (2008) [Rigaud]: Crushed to death when Judy Parfitt's house collapses while he's inside. (Thanks to Mathew)
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