Andrew Prine (1936 - )
Sharon Farrell
Brenda Scott (divorced, remarried, divorced again)
Heather Lowe
Gunsmoke: Easy Come (1963) [Elmo Sippy]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with George D. Wallace (who is killed as well), over a gambling debt. (Thanks to John)

Bandolero! (1968) [Roscoe Bookbinder]: Shot to death by Mexican bandits while Andrew is talking to George Kennedy. (Thanks to Brian)

Chisum (1970) [Alex McSween]: Shot to death by Christopher George when the unarmed Andrew tries to cross the battlefield during the range war. His body is shown again when Geoffrey Deuel and John Wayne look over the scene. (Thanks to John)

Simon, King of the Witches
(1971) [Simon Sinestrari]: Stabbed to death by Lee J. Lambert when a supernatural force compels Lee to do so.

The Centerfold Girls (Girl Hunter) (1974) [Clement Dunne]: Stabbed in the back, then in the stomach, by Tiffany Bolling, after she gets hold of Andrew's knife at the end of a chase in the woods.

Grizzly (Claws; Killer Grizzly) (1976) [Don Stober]: Mauled to death by the bear, while Christopher George looks on in horror.

Law of the Land (The Deputies) (1976) [Travis Carrington]: Shot in the back by Moses Gunn just as Andrew is about to attack the deputies with a saber.

They're Playing with Fire (1984) [Michael Stevens]: Stabbed to death by Paul Clemens while Andrew is watching Sybil Danning making love with Eric Brown. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

V: The Final Battle (1984) [Steven]: Killed when Michael Ironside pours the "red dust" bacteria onto his face. (Thanks to Tony)

Gettysburg (1993) [Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett]: Killed (off-screen) by cannon fire during Pickett's Charge; we only see his riderless horse running on after the cannon goes off. (Thanks to Geoff)
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Andrew Prine in 'Grizzly'