Andrew Divoff (1955 - )
Ex-Mr. Raissa Danilova
Another 48 Hrs. (1990) [Cherry Ganz]: Knocked out of a window by Eddie Murphy; he lands on a truck full of water bottles. (Thanks to Larry, Cap, and Amanda)

Graveyard Shift (1990) [Danson]: Eaten (off-screen) by the monster. (Thanks to Amanda and Kapselek)

Toy Soldiers (1991) [Luis Cali]: Shot in the head by a SWAT officer. (Thanks to Amanda and Kapselek)

Highlander: A Bad Day in Building A (1992) [Bryan Slade]: Stabbed with a sword by Adrian Paul. (Thanks to Amanda)

A Low Down Dirty Shame (Mister Cool) (1994) [Mendoza]: Shot in the chest by Salli Richardson. (Thanks to Larry, Amanda, and Kapselek)

The Stranger (1995) [Angel]: Neck snapped by Kathy Long at the end of a fight in a graveyard. (Thanks to Cap, Amanda, and Kapselek)

Highlander: Little Tin God (1996) [Gavriel Larca]: Decapitated by Adrian Paul. (Thanks to Amanda)

Air Force One (1997) [Boris Bazylev]: Neck snapped by Harrison Ford at the end of a fight on board Air Force One. (Thanks to Amanda and Kapselek)

Blast (1997) [Omodo]: Killed in an explosion. (Thanks to Kapselek)

Conan: The Heart of the Elephant Part 2 (1997) [General Goroth]: Drowned at the end of a fight with Ralf Moeller. (Thanks to Amanda)

Nash Bridges: Sniper (1997) [Carl Dugan]: Shot to death by Don Johnson as Andrew leaves the elevator. (Thanks to Amanda)

Walker, Texas Ranger: Everyday Heroes (1998) [Rudy Mendoza]: Shot to death. (Thanks to Amanda)

Stealth Fighter (1999) [Roberto Menendez]: Shot in the head. (Thanks to Kapselek)

Walker, Texas Ranger: Winds of Change (2000) [Alberto Cardoza]: Killed in an explosion. (Thanks to Amanda)

Faust: Love of the Damned (2001) [M]: Turned into ash after being stabbed by Mark Frost. (As a supernatural entity, it's debatable whether or not he can truly die.) (Thanks to Amanda and Kapselek)

Strike Force (The Librarians) (2003) [Marcos]: Neck snapped. (Thanks to Amanda and Kapselek)

The Straun House (Dr. Rage; Nightmare Hostel) (2005) [Dr. Timothy Straun]: Poisoned with a lethal injection by Stephen Polk. (Thanks to Amanda and Kapselek)

The Rage (2007) [Dr. Viktor Vasilienko]: Decapitated by Ryan Hooks in Andrew's laboratory; due to having been mutated by his formula, Andrew's head and body both remain alive until Erin Brown chops Andrew's severed head in half with a meat cleaver. (Thanks to Cody)
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Andrew Divoff in 'The Stranger' (1995)