Andre Braugher in 'It's the Rage'
Andre Braugher (1962 - )
Glory (1989) [Corporal Thomas Searles]: Killed (off-screen) in combat while storming the Confederate fort; his body is shown afterwards, lying alongside Matthew Broderick and Denzel Washington in a mass grave. (Thanks to Michael)

It's the Rage (All the Rage) (1999) [Tim]: Shot in the chest by David Schwimmer in their apartment.

Duets (2000) [Reggie Kane]: Shot in the chest by police when he pulls out a gun after singing "Freebird" on a karoake stage; he dies shortly afterwards as Paul Giamatti kneels by his side. (Thanks to Robert)

'Salem's Lot (2004) [Matt Burke]: Impaled by James Cromwell in Andre's hospital bed. (Thanks to Ben)

Poseidon (2006) [Captain Bradford]: Drowned, along with several passengers and crew, when the dining salon is flooded. (Thanks to David)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) [General Hager]: Killed with a blast of energy by Julian McMahon, simultaneously freezing/petrifying Andre's body and partially shattering it. (Thanks to Andre and ND)

The Mist (2007) [Brent Norton]: Killed by the creatures in the mist.

Salt (2010) [Secretary of Defense]: Shot repeatedly in the back by Liev Schreiber when Liev opens fire on the staff members in the underground bunker. (Thanks to ND)
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