A. Michael Baldwin in 'Vice Girls'
A. Michael Baldwin (1963 - )
Son of Gerard Baldwin
(animation producer)
No relation to either
Adam Baldwin or the Baldwin brothers
Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (1994) [Mike Pearson]: Is briefly dead after being attacked by Angus Scrimm; he comes back to life after following the tunnel of light and being told to go back by the spirit of his brother (Bill Thornbury). (Thanks to Keith)

Phantasm IV: Oblivion (Phantasm IV: Infinity) (1998) [Mike Pearson]: Stabbed in the head by one of the sentinel spheres, which is then removed by Angus Scrimm; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Reggie Bannister. (An uncoming sequel Phantasm V has been announced, with Michael in the cast; I don't know yet whether it means that he doesn't actually die here or whether he's brought back from the dead.) (Thanks to Keith)

Vice Girls (2000) [Tralaine]: Poisoned by Richard Gabai. (Thanks to Eric)
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