Allen Garfield (left) with Vic Morrow (right) before Allen's off-screen death in 'McCloud: A Little Plot at Tranquil Valley'
Allen Garfield (1939 - )
a.k.a. Allen Goorwitz
McCloud: A Little Plot in Tranquil Valley (1972) [Ralphie]: Poisoned when Vic Morrow tampers with Allen's milk in the hospital. We last see Allen when Vic visits him; we learn of his death afterwards when Dennis Weaver comes to question Allen.

The State of Things (Der Stand der Dinge) (1982) [Gordon]: Shot to death, along with Patrick Bauchau, by an unseen hitman.

Night Visitor (1989) [Zachary Willard]: Impaled on a hook after being knocked into it during a struggle with Derek Rydall. (Thanks to Kyle)

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