Alexis Arquette in 'Pulp Fiction'
Alexis Arquette (1969 - )
Granddaughter of Cliff "Charley Weaver" Arquette
Daughter of
Lewis Arquette
Sister of
Rosanna, Patricia, David & Richmond Arquette
Pulp Fiction (1994) [Man #4]: Shot in the chest by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, after he runs out of the bathroom and shoots at them (missing with every shot). (Thanks to Tal)

Sometimes They Come Back...Again (1996) [Tony Reno]: Electrocuted (along with Bojesse Christopher and Glen Beaudin) when a live wire falls into a pool of water while they're performing an occult ceremony in a basement; he returns to life with supernatural powers, but dies once again (along with Bojesse and Glen) when Michael Gross performs a ritual to send them back to Hell as they're preparing to sacrifice Hilary Swank.

Bride of Chucky (1998) [Howard Fitzwater a.k.a. Damien Baylock]: Smothered with a pillow by Chucky, after Chucky rips out Alexis' piercings. (Thanks to Jennifer)

Love Kills (1998) [James]: Poisoned when he drinks some drugged juice that Loretta Devine had intended for Lesley Ann Warren; he staggers out and falls into the swimming pool, hitting his head on the edge, but it's later confirmed that he died from the drug, rather than the impact or drowning.

Midnight 5 (Tomorrow by Midnight) (1999) [Sidney]: Shot in the face by William Vogt. (Thanks to Tal)

Xena, Warrior Princess: The God You Know (2001) [Caligula]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself in the chest with a sword, after Lucy Lawless convinces him that he can regain his glory by killing himself. (He reappeared as a spirit in the afterlife in the following episode, You Are There.) (Thanks to Melinda)

(Note: Alexis Arquette is transgendered, having undergone gender-reassignment surgery in 2007. Since this page was originally written when Alexis identified as male (and since all her death scenes to date have been as males), I'm retaining it in the Actors section. I will be adding her to the Actress section as well.)

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