Al Cliver (Pier Luigi Conti) in 'The House of Clocks'
Al Cliver (1951 - )
a.k.a. Pier Luigi Conti
Zombie (Zombi 2; Island of the Flesh-Eaters; Island of the Living Dead) (1979) [Brian Hull]: Dies of the zombie infection after being bitten on the arm by the zombie Auretta Gay; he later comes back to life as a zombie himself.

The Beyond (E tu vivrai nel terrore - L'aldila; Seven Doors of Death) (1981) [Dr. Harris]: Slashed to death (and pinned to the wall) by shards of flying glass when supernatural forces shatter the window.

The Ghosts of Sodom (Il Fantasma di Sodoma) (1988) [Drunken Nazi]: Killed in an explosion, along with all the other Nazi soldiers, when the villa is bombed by Allied planes. He reappears as a ghost (along with the other Nazis) when a group of teenagers enter the villa.

The House of Clocks (La Casa nel tempo) (1989) [Peter]: Shot to death by Peter Hintz; he later comes back to life after time turns back.

Demonia (1990) [Porter]: Shot in the stomach with a speargun by one of the ghostly nuns on Al's boat. His severed head is shown afterwards hooked on the anchor when Lucio Fulci and the other police discover it.

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