Albert Finney in 'The Dresser'
Albert Finney (1936 - )
Ex-Mr. Jane Wenham
Anouk Aimee
The Dresser (1983) [Sir]: Dies of an unspecified illness (on top of old age) in his dressing room after the evening's performance, while Tom Courtenay reads Albert's memoirs by his side. (Albert also has two 'play-within-the-film' death scenes earlier in the movie: He stabs himself in the stomach while playing Othello, and dies of old age while playing King Lear.)

Under the Volcano (1984) [Geoffrey Firmin]: Shot in the stomach by hooligans in a brawl outside a bar.

Big Fish (2003) [Ed Bloom]: Dies of cancer, with his son (Billy Crudup) by his side. (Thanks to Gary)

A Good Year (2006) [Uncle Henry]: Dies (off-screen) of unspecified causes. We learn of his death when Russell Crowe is informed; Albert only appears in flashbacks. (Thanks to ND)
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