Albert Brooks (1947 - )
Son of Harry 'Parkyakarkus' Einstein and Thelma Leeds
Brother of Bob 'Super Dave Osbourne' Einstein
Private Benjamin (1980) [Yale Goodman]: Dies of a heart attack while making love with Goldie Hawn on their wedding night.

Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) [Car Driver]: Killed by Dan Aykroyd after Dan transforms into a monster while sitting in Albert's car.

Defending Your Life (1991) [Daniel Miller]: Killed in a car accident; the scene cuts away just before the impact, and the rest of the movie takes place in the afterlife.

My First Mister (2001) [Randall 'R' Harris]: Dies of leukemia. (Thanks to Tommy)

Drive (2011) [Bernie Rose]: Stabbed in the stomach by Ryan Gosling, after Albert stabs Ryan. (Thanks to ND and Tommy)

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Albert Brooks in 'Drive'