Alan Zweibel (with Chevy Chase) in 'Saturday Night Live' (Jan. 17, 1976)
Alan Zweibel (1950 - )
Television writer/producer
Father of Adam Zweibel
Saturday Night Live (Oct. 25, 1975) [Corpse]: Appears as a corpse at a funeral, in a parody of the then-current Wrigley's Gum commercials. (Note: This sketch is not included in the Saturday Night Live: The Complete First Season DVD set, presumably because the sketch used the actual Wrigley's logo.)

Saturday Night Live (Jan. 17, 1976) [Corpse]: Appears as a corpse, superimposed on the screen to present the "News for the Dead." (Note: The original broadcast also included a repeat of the Wrigley's Gum parody, but again, that sketch is cut from the DVD set.)

Saturday Night Live (Feb. 21, 1976) [Henchman]: Machine-gunned, along with Chevy Chase and Tom Schiller, by Dan Aykroyd's men during a raid on Desi Arnaz' hideout.
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